Chip & Scratch Repair

We provide chip and scratch repair on privately owned vehicles as well as motorcycles, corporate cars, dealership and fleet vehicles.

  • Our system does not use an air-brush or paint brush and is environmentally friendly. Our Hybrid Teflon applicator allows you to pack the paint into the chips and scratches.
  • You get a 99% color match.
  • Our proprietary chemicals allow you to achieve an 80% or better fill on almost every chip and scratch.
  • Our system guarantees the repair for the life of the original paint of the vehicle.
  • Thirty minutes after the work is done, you can wash the vehicle and the paint will not come out of the chips or scratches.
  • We leave the vehicle with the only true front-line finish in the industry that deliversthe wow effect.
  • Please keep in mind this is a REPAIR of the imperfection, not a REPAINT of the entire area where the imperfection exists.


Lease Vehicle Turn Ins

If you are turning in a lease car, we can help you save money by repairing any visible scratches and chips the vehicle might have during the lease period. We have a great eye for details and can look over your entire car and make all the necessary repairs for one low price. You save money by not paying any visible damage costs at the time you turn in your lease vehicle.