Chris O., Austin, TX

Jeff at Mix & Match is a miracle worker!  He took my 2005 Honda Pilot that was crusty and covered in nastiness inside and out and made it look brand new again.

Before Jeff did his Mix & Match work…

  • My kids had covered the back seats and floors with all kinds of food and dirt that I thought would never come out.
  • The leather was looking worn and like it needed to be replaced.
  • The paint was looking dull and so were the headlights.


  • The entire car seems to shine including the rims.
  • The headlights were brighter than they had been when I bought the car slightly used
  • The paint had a glossy look to it again.
  • The interior looked and smelled new again…even the milk, food & dirt stains were completely gone from the floors and seats.

To sum it all up…AMAZING work…Thank you Jeff!

Chris O., Austin, TX